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I have dedicated my life to helping people have more healthy and satisfying relationships, as I think our human connections are invaluable to our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Specifically, I have spent the last 10 years researching and writing about adult friendship.  As I have committed more time to this topic, I have realized that friendship relationships are some of the most important, and yet often undervalued, relationships in our lives.  I have made it my mission to change the way we think about friendship in our society, as I am convinced that it is foundational to our collective contentment, compassion, and connection.

I am hopeful my contributions will serve to create a growing awareness about our universal need for healthy, meaningful friendships, and that I will be a reliable resource for ensuring we have access to the information and tools we need to create and sustain these connections in our lives.

We need each other!



Friendships are like any other relationship.  When they are healthy and happy, they make our lives infinitely better. When they aren’t healthy or are hard to find, they can cause distress.

As a psychotherapist, I have seen an increasing number of people making their way to my therapy couch in an effort to fill friendship voids in their lives, and this realization challenged me to find a way to help my clients (and struggling others) to find the meaningful, lasting friendship connections we all need and deserve.

In this book, readers will be introduced to my FIVE core skills, that when used together, I believe offer us the best chance for making and keeping healthy, happy friendships as an adult:

• How to be more AVAILABLE
• How to be more AUTHENTIC
• How to be more AFFIRMING
• How to be more ASSERTIVE
• How to be more ACCEPTING

Life is so much sweeter with good friends by our side!


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