Reviews and Testimonials


“I love how this book was written around “five core skills” of friendship- being available, authentic, affirming, assertive, and accepting. So much truth in each of those points! The writing style was very personable and easy to listen to on audiobook, and I really appreciated the application questions at the end of each chapter. A great way to either grow your friending skills or recenter any areas out of balance.”

“I would recommend this book to anyone who longs for their friendships to have more depth and meaning. The book is short, and you could easily read it in one afternoon. But I’d encourage you to take your time and really reflect on each section before moving on. You’ll come out of the experience feeling refreshed and confident to take on the challenge of Friending!”

“The author has created a map for navigating relationships – specifically friendships amid our society’s push-and-pull demands. This fast-paced read offers realistic exercises and gentle advice at each chapter’s conclusion. FRIENDING is a solid resource for helping us lift our eyes and engage with other souls in the real world, with this book in hand either to reference or share.”


“Be available. Be authentic. Be affirming. Be assertive. Be accepting.  The secret formula for making and keeping meaningful friendships. This book is an excellent tool for learning how to be a better friend, and how to ask more from the friends you already have. Schmitt breaks down friendships into 5 parts and really shows how one can incorporate these aspects into real life. It’s a hands-on experience with workbook-like exercises to complete and real life examples to consider and digest. There’s a lot of good stuff to take away from this book.”


“Creating and keeping healthy friendships is difficult, no matter what age we are. Whether we are looking to make new friends – which can be a scary and intimidating venture – or we are working on enriching current relationships, Gina provides hands-on tools to help us navigate the ups and downs of doing life with others. With her sense of humor and down to earth approach, Gina gives us valuable insight into the psychology of human connection without overwhelming us with textbook style writing. Gleaning from personal experience and professional insight, Gina masterfully invites us into a journey that will challenge us and encourage us to be the best friend we can be.”


“This book gives great practical advice on the importance of friendships and how to develop them as adults. The author shares personal stories and gives proven statistics on the importance of friendships. She then gives practical, helpful advice on how to maintain relationships and when it is ok to let them go. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to develop healthy relationships.”


“Grounded, practical, how-to guide to navigating friendships (or any relationship) throughout your life, especially in adulthood amid the push-and-pull of our social media-influenced culture. Fast paced, easy to understand book with helpful exercises and advice at each chapter’s conclusion.”


“Loved this book! Gina has a great writing style that doesn’t sound preachy or like she is telling you what to do, but instead comes from her own experiences and learning. This is a great way to gain some valuable nuggets about how to be a great friend.”


“Gina’s writing style is everyday but holds weight, weaving her personal and professional experiences into the pages. The book is small enough for casual readers to get through and meaty enough for avid readers to enjoy.”


“A very practical book on the many diverse aspects of adult friendship, from developing new friends to maintaining lasting friends. Gina’s book provides tools and examples to face the challenges that come with the many facets of genuine friendship. This book is a great reminder that friends are one of life’s greatest treasures and worth the effort.”


“This book provides the basic essentials for navigating friendship. In clear and concise form, Gina provides insight, real life examples, and suggestions on how to deal with an area of life that is vital to our well-being.  If you’re wondering, what makes a healthy lasting friendship? How can I contribute to those brands of friendship? Then this book is for you!”


“While deep, meaningful friendships have always been a hallmark of a rich and balanced life, it’s been especially evident during the COVID pandemic, and the subsequent isolation. Strong friendships bring us much needed support, as well as providing opportunities to step out of our own lives, and into the lives of others. “Friending” was a very valuable and entertaining read, describing both the characteristics and benefits of friendship, as well as helpfully providing strategies for cultivating new friendships, and strengthening existing ones. The author writes in a friendly and engaging style, and provides lots of opportunities for reflection on the friendships in our lives, even tackling the difficult topic of when it may be time to let an unhealthy friendship go. This was a quick, enjoyable read – but the lessons and strategies delivered throughout the book have stayed with me. Highly recommended!”


“This book was so easy to read, chapters are short and to the point. I appreciate that the author shares some of her life struggles and those of clients she has helped along the way. After each chapter is a section where you can reflect and write down how you can apply to your personal life. Although this book is about “friendships” I found it deeply meaningful to apply to my marriage and my relationship with extended family members. I have learned so much from this book…how to accept myself (and others) as we are, to accept that my life is not “Facebook perfect”. It taught me how to look for the good in people and to let them know that I see that!  Overall, it is just an excellent book…and a great gift to give all your friends!”

“I just got my hands on this book, and its like someone read my mind!  If you know Gina, you know that she has a heart for people, and a desire to see them find wholeness.  She is generous and funny… and you can you see that come through on the pages of her book.”

“I really like the writing!  The author’s whole personality comes through.  Like you can hear her.  Like you’re talking across a table from her.”

“As someone who has experienced many ups and downs in the friendship department, this book really hit home for me!  It’s interactive, really gets you thinking deeper, and makes you feel a little less alone in the wild world. The author really lays out some wonderful and attainable wisdom and goals in this book that will inspire you to be a better friend.”

“It’s super accessible, and a pleasure to read.”

“Just love how thought-provoking this book is!”

“This is my kind of book! Places to make notes, answer questions, illustrations inside that remind me of Roald Dahl… Want a book on making and keeping friends? This is it!”

“I enjoy the author’s writing style and expertise and hope to read more books by her.”

“It’s wonderful… And folks, it’s timely…  It is another reminder that we need each other.”

“I got a copy for my sister… She loved the book and got a copy for each of her close friends.  Obviously, this is a much-needed subject.”