20 Things to START and STOP to Improve Your Friendships in 2020

  1. START issuing more invitations for friend dates.
  2. STOP postponing quality time with friends and allowing your calendars to fill-up with all the other adulting things.
  3. START putting cell phones away when you are finally able to connect with friends in person.
  4. STOP allowing whatever is happening on the internet to distract you from the time you commit to being with friends.
  5. START verbalizing more affirmation in your friendships.
  6. STOP allowing insecurity and competition to interfere in creating deeper friend connections.
  7. START sharing your real self with your friends.
  8. STOP relegating yourself to wearing masks and pretending.
  9. START making more room at your table for friends who might not think just like you.
  10. STOP allowing judgmental impulses to derail opportunities for deeper conversations and connections.
  11. START purposefully removing any potential barriers to more intimate friendships.
  12. STOP allowing unresolved hurts from your past to keep you from making healthy, happy friendships in the here and now.
  13. START giving yourself permission to walk away from toxic friendships.
  14. STOP compromising your mental and emotional health, as well as your opportunities to invest in healthy friendships, by continuing in dysfunctional ones.
  15. START inviting friends to support and celebrate with you, as you pursue your dreams.
  16. STOP allowing the fear of comparison and rejection to keep you from experiencing the deeper joy of shared excitement.
  17. START choosing to extend forgiveness to friends when they make inevitable mistakes.
  18. STOP holding onto any grudges that serve to keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle of resentment and anger.
  19. START playing and laughing and just enjoying the gift of friendship!
  20. STOP reading this list… and go make a friend date!

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