The Book


My first book is now available for purchase!  Friending: Creating Meaningful, Lasting Adult Friendships is a “how-to,” of sorts, for adults looking to find and keep meaningful friendships, even as we are juggling all of the other “adulting” things.

Friendships are like any other relationship.  When they are healthy and happy, they make our lives infinitely better. When they aren’t healthy or are hard to find, they can cause distress.

As a psychotherapist, I have seen an increasing number of people making their way to my therapy couch in an effort to fill friendship voids in their lives, and this realization challenged me to find a way to help my clients (and struggling others) to find the meaningful, lasting friendship connections we all need and deserve.

In this book, readers will be introduced to my FIVE core skills, that when used together, I believe offer us the best chance for making and keeping healthy, happy friendships as an adult:

• How to be more AVAILABLE
• How to be more AUTHENTIC
• How to be more AFFIRMING
• How to be more ASSERTIVE
• How to be more ACCEPTING

Life is so much sweeter with good friends by our side!





“I love how this book was written around “five core skills” of friendship- being available, authentic, affirming, assertive, and accepting. So much truth in each of those points! The writing style was very personable and easy to listen to on audiobook, and I really appreciated the application questions at the end of each chapter. A great way to either grow your friending skills or recenter any areas out of balance.”

“I would recommend this book to anyone who longs for their friendships to have more depth and meaning. The book is short, and you could easily read it in one afternoon. But I’d encourage you to take your time and really reflect on each section before moving on. You’ll come out of the experience feeling refreshed and confident to take on the challenge of Friending!”

“The author has created a map for navigating relationships – specifically friendships amid our society’s push-and-pull demands. This fast-paced read offers realistic exercises and gentle advice at each chapter’s conclusion. FRIENDING is a solid resource for helping us lift our eyes and engage with other souls in the real world, with this book in hand either to reference or share.”

“Be available. Be authentic. Be affirming. Be assertive. Be accepting.  The secret formula for making and keeping meaningful friendships. This book is an excellent tool for learning how to be a better friend, and how to ask more from the friends you already have. Schmitt breaks down friendships into 5 parts and really shows how one can incorporate these aspects into real life. It’s a hands-on experience with workbook-like exercises to complete and real life examples to consider and digest. There’s a lot of good stuff to take away from this book.”